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Southfield Lawsuit Defense Attorneys

Handling Wage Garnishment and Related Issues

When you are faced with serious financial problems, being sued by a creditor, harassed by debt collectors and having your wages garnished only adds insult to injury. Fortunately, with the help of a skilled attorney, you can confront lawsuits and work toward a positive resolution to financial difficulties.

At Salinger and Associates, we are dedicated to helping people obtain relief from overwhelming debt and all the problems that come with it. Each of our attorneys has more than 25 years of legal experience serving the people in Detroit and the surrounding areas in southeastern Michigan. We have built a reputation as a reliable, effective firm capable of achieving positive results for clients who are burdened by debt.

If you are being sued by a creditor and would like to schedule a free initial consultation with our Southfield lawsuit defense lawyers, please call 248-569-5120. You can also contact our law firm online.

You Have Been Named as a Defendant. Now What?

If a lawsuit has been filed against you by a creditor, it is important to understand the timeline that you are under. The typical case proceeds as follows:

  • Within 21 days of being served with the lawsuit, you must file a response. This is a short window of time, making it very important to speak with our attorneys as quickly as possible.
  • If no response is filed, the case is "uncontested" and the court enters judgment in favor of the creditor.
  • 21 days after that, the judgment is finalized.
  • The creditor can immediately file to garnish your wages. The garnishment can come out of each paycheck or the garnishment could come from your bank account.

If the wage garnishment applies to your paycheck, the creditor can take 25 percent of your net pay for up to 90 days. If the bank account is garnished instead, it is possible for the creditor to take all the money out in order to pay the debt, leaving you with no money to pay other bills.

How Can Our Southfield Law Firm Help?

The most important thing you can do, even if your wages are already being garnished, is to speak with our trusted attorneys. In most situations, there are actions that we can take right away to start resolving the problem. Some of the short term options we can use include:

  • Going to court to object to the garnishment
  • Setting up a payment plan through the court

These actions can buy you time to figure out what to do next. In the long term, we can help you determine if filing for bankruptcy under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is the right move for you. Filing bankruptcy halts garnishments and other pending lawsuits against you.

We will also work hard to recover money that has been garnished already. This is not possible in all cases, but it may be an option in yours. You can rely on us to represent you strongly in an effort to have the funds returned to you and to defend you against other lawsuits that you may be facing.

Contact a Warren Wage Garnishment Lawyer: Free Consultation

If you would like to schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney at Salinger and Associates, please call 248-569-5120. You can also contact our law firm online

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